28 Hobill Avenue
Manukau City, Auckland
New Zealand
PO Box 97036
South Auckland Mail Centre
1730, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 263 8893
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CNC Mill Turning

CNC Mill Turning combines turning and milling capability in one machine-tool!

Featuring our Gildemiester Twin 65 Turning Centre. This 9 axis, twin spindle, twin turret turning centre is capable of machining both ends of the job in one cycle.

Driven tools can be mounted in the turrets, so if your part requires it, we will complete the milling, cross drilling & tapping or end drilling & taping of it in the same cycle.

The Gildemeister is also fitted with a CNC Controlled Magazine bar loader and an integrated billet loading robot to provide for unmanned automatic operation. Those features further reduce lead times.

The Gildemeister can handle bar work, billets, castings and forgings.

CNC Mill Turning
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